Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Take a blank piece of paper. It could be anything.
It is incredible how with a couple of strokes of the pen, you can be looking at one of the Archie Comics’ characters!!

For those who aren’t as gifted when it comes to drawing, it’s good to have some help.

As wonderful as it is to see people read and enjoy Archie Comics, there is something even more incredibly rewarding to see them draw the characters.



Archie All Over the World

One of the many amazing things about Archie Comics is how the whole gang has touched people all over the world in so many different ways.

The Archie brand truly is a timeless, ageless, genderless one.

From the exhibition at the Montauk Library to attending other Archie events, it has been a thrill to be there on behalf of Archie. It’s a huge honor I don’t take lightly.

Speaking is a real love of mine and it’s crazy that I’ve been able to do so in places such as India.

It also allows me to talk about things that are incredibly meaningful such as the fight for literacy and the battle against plastic.

Regardless of where I am the thrill of meeting the fans and hearing what Archie Comics means to them is something I will never tire of.

Tribute to Stan Goldberg


Stan at Big Apple 2012

Stan at Big Apple 2012

Stan Lee vs Stan Goldberg

Stan Lee vs Stan Goldberg

Zam wham wow flowed through Stan Goldberg’s veins. Stan’s style went beyond artistic talent, and placed him in the elite category of what we refer to as graphic literacy. Throughout his long career, people around the world were entertained by the combination of rich graphics in service to a visual story that brought laughter, and managed to access deep emotion. Magical and forceful, his lines enhanced the spare text in ways that emotions such as surprise, sadness, passion were made visible, allowing the story to take on a deeper meaning. A reader exposed to such rich graphic art was able to internalize and experience the story in a way that only heightened the reading experience.
For me personally, I will always treasure my collaboration with Stan on one of his last comic book projects, Rise Above. Stan taught me that the story, which addressed young people and bullying, actually needed very little text. Stan had a unique ability to communicate and tell the story with the intensity of his graphics. Watching his hand manipulate the movement of that pencil on the page, and connect readers with the emotional realms of laughter, or sadness, or triumph, was thrilling to see.
Like a pencil on paper, Pauleen and Stan were always side by side. But many of Stan’s global fans didn’t know that. Fans only knew of the two other women in Stan’s heart: Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. Stan viewed Betty and Veronica distinctly; he truly loved them with all of his heart. That passion is what gave these beloved Archie characters such life!
If I could speak directly to him, I would say: Stan, what you gave to Archie Comics cannot be measured. It is a fact that the Stan Goldberg’s graphics are imprinted across the hearts of people around the world. Your rich graphics were the element that sparked people’s conversation, and through your art you pushed folks to connect and were one of the reasons for the brand ‘s longevity of seven decades. .The global fans that love and support the iconic Archie brand thank you in their many languages!

Stan is now with God, and you can bet my late husband Mike Silberkleit and business partner Richard Goldwater have been waiting to have a word with him. It will be business as usual up there.
I cannot post these thoughts here without recalling the sorrow that Stan felt after Mike and Richard were no longer at the Archie helm. Now they are together again. Stan Goldberg now has God’s ear. May God and his many angels surround Stanley Goldberg and his gentle loving soul.
We all will miss Stan…
Nancy Silberkleit

Reducing. Reusing. Refusing plastic from our lives.

It’s time we sow the seeds for change through the power of visuals. The story “Bottle Battle” shows Archie Andrews sitting on a pile of plastic—a powerful visual in our Archie Comics. Readers will have a lot to think about when they think how they, too, are faced with the mounting issue of plastic.

I strongly feel visual communication is a language that can be embedded in one’s mind to help spark conversation. Graphics provoke one to expound on the story allowing thoughts and opinions to be internalized in a meaningful way. It’s time again for classrooms to read both “Bottle Battle” and the new release, “Getting Drastic with Plastic” written by Batton Lash. The story can be downloaded here. I am confident that through stories like these, we shall be successful in sparking conversation on the issues that face our environment.

Happy Earth Day.

It’s Always The Right Time For Archie

As the co-CEO of Archie Comics I see our company’s products proudly displayed in bookstores throughout the entire world. I call it “Riverdale Cool.”
Archie comics became a global voice and presence, and it’s that image that defines the concept of the “COMIC BOOK,” which leads my mind back to the founders. I think about how 70 years ago two businessmen created a school, a town and a tight community with various disparate friendships, all by publishing millions of stories centered around a teenager with red hair, freckles and a friendship with two very different girls.
No matter where we stand on this planet, the Archie Comic stories welcomed us into the fantasy of Riverdale High School. These strong narratives developed characters with personalities that had translated globally, archetypal forms that could easily be utilized to identify such human behaviors; i.e. “You are such a Betty” or “You’re such a Jughead”, and everyone would know what that meant.
For Archie Andrews, though, I always say, there is only one Archie: it’s the Archie Andrews we can only know as we turn the pages in Archie Comics. The Archie business, and the mission to entertain quickly evolved into a deep personal connection to the brand and drew us more and more into the Archie fantasy world, allowing us to become emotionally invested in these characters and care about them. I call this phenomenon the “I ♥ Archie.”
For 7 decades, millions of Archie fantasy stories cultivated a deep passion for the brand and a resource for inspiration. While entertaining us, they were giving us a model of lessons around values, common to all.
Archie Comics became a business that expanded more than its founders ever expected to see, gained exposure in all cultures! As I travel and meet those cultures and hear how this brand has not only brought happiness and touched people’s lives but made a difference for them, it makes me extremely proud of my company and the Archie brand. There is something that transcends “right” about these stories, a universal experience of positive values and goodwill cultivated by Archie and his friends in the minds and hearts of a global set of people.
There were many smiles when Warner Brothers made the announcement of an Archie movie. Today, we are talking about a lot of popcorn! Jughead gives his thumbs up! I will now be able to ♥ Archie & Friends on the big screen…..
For me, yellow / blue M&M’s with only one Archie Orange M&M in the bag! How Sweet!

Are you a Betty or Veronica?

Are you a Betty or a Veronica?
Both of the iconic characters have their own personalities, style and even scents.

Veronica Lodge has always been described as rich, fabulous and spoiled. But her capabilities run much deeper. She has seen the world and been everywhere. She sees a side of life many do not and she shares the opportunity and access with her friends. She uses her position to better the world.

Veronica Lodge is a model I follow. She is capable, smart, and organized. She has C.I.A.: Confidence, Intelligence, Allure!!!

Veronica shows great facility in her fathers business transactions, she is a leader of the future and she will do what ever she chooses in her career path. … and she changes it often. She is a character that allows our writers to make her complex, vibrant and lovable. She has the determination to follow her dad’s business sense but challenges him where needed. Mr. Lodge has been often influenced by her insights.

Veronica’s scent fills the air with determination, and a passion for change.

Betty defends equal political, economic, and social rights for women. She reaches for the stars and keeps her feet on the ground. She is the quintessential girl next door but with oh’ so much more.

Betty is self reliant. She has tremendous patience and is grounded. She has strong ethics and strives to succeed and help others without compromising her morals. Betty gracefully and creatively gets the right results.

Betty is the most feminine “tomboy” the world has ever seen. She is not shy to take on what was once considered traditional men’s interests and do it in dresses or jeans. She can rally Archie, Reggie, and Jughead, or beat them at their own game…. if it is not getting done she will get it done. Betty represents the core belief of dreams that extend beyond gender limitations and social boundaries, and propels those dreams to soar out into the world from her own front porch.

Betty’s scent is how a woman gets things done. Now that is an attraction.

Global Voice For Peace

My words below were written a week ago for Rwanda news media after my visit there. I went on a literacy promotion and was so moved by the Rwandan people’s progress. I thought I would share the message again, in light of what has occurred in Boston.

The majority of humans who live on planet earth respect human life with all of our differences. We do not seek power but seek peace, respect, compassion, laughter, love, knowledge, friendship, beauty and health.
Those values and our desires unite us around the Globe. The mass of our young people, who are the fruit of life are upping their acts of kindness like they never have before; they embrace peace. Today’s young generation are global thinkers and explore their interests outside their communities purely to connect with all types of cultures and experiences to build one world.More than ever the majority needs to be vigilant and call out behaviors or acts in question before harm occurs.

Be it ethnic competition, economic level, religious beliefs, envy, or enragement, whatever the germ may be to carry out the mass killings of humans or even a single annihilation of a human life can be stopped by reversing the formula of Minority/Majority as Rwanda has. “Tensions between Rwandan the minority Tutsi, who had controlled power for centuries, and the majority Hutu peoples, who had come to power in the rebellion of 1959–62 erupted on April 6 1994. By mid-July over 500,000 people were killed according to a Human Rights Watch estimate, with the total death toll reaching possibly 1,000,000.But Rwandans rose from the ashes through belief in the country Rwanda could be… Would be. Women have taken their place in government and a new peace and safety graced the land. Their future is their faith.

With that, I ask all of you to harness and embrace the importance of life and to stand up with respect forhumanity. Let the people of today’s Rwanda be a model on how they as a country demonstrate forgiveness and respect, with inclusion for all of mankind and the commitment to speak out to stand strong against the horrific act of genocide. Rwanda is the voice of the century; walk with them as they mourn the crime against humanity that took place April 7, 1994. And all other lives lost to acts like yesterday’s in Boston.

Teach our young.

Before considering humanity, be Considerate of humans.

BALCONY (Business and Labor Coalition of New York) Award

NYCAwardA month dedicated to women, as we come together, many of our interests focus on education, inspiration, empowerment and shaping the future. For centuries women continually come together 365 days a year in ways that are fitting for the era. The voices that spoke loudly and quietly all embraced visions, and the passion to change society for the better. Women who came before us are not forgotten. We embrace their words, actions and let their spirits be known. We continue their marks in history, past, present and to support the future.

The Greater New York Chamber of Commerce Commerce is commended for their loyal recognition of women. I personally pass the grain of sand on to the girl child with the encouragement to start now to build their paths and when the time is right, and not before, her voice will awaken and she will have created her personal castle.

BALCONY (Business and Labor Coalition of New York) recently celebrated ‘Women’s History’ with me and other influential women in NYC. I was honored to receive my first award. It is symbolic that the plaque is made out of glass as I ‘break the glass ceiling’ and explain what my personal platform is about. When faced with obstacles, I look at my award and can see beyond the glass. I say to all women and girls to go for it and find a way around your obstacles because that original grain of sand will just be in need of other grains and pebbles until you finally build yourself your own personal castle.