Empowering Conversations

My bracelets often inspire empowering conversations; The conversations often end, with me giving the other participant the bracelet off my wrist.  The bracelets include my words of inspiration for today’s youth : “Never let anyone define who they want you to be. You know who you are, be pro-active in your life”. I’ve been in situations where I was uncomfortable, was told what to do and who to be; I was even bullied and laughed at. These words of inspiration came to me as I dug my heels into the ground, held my head high and proceeded to go forth in the direction I chose as I defined who I was.  I did not allow the others to plan MY life.  It’s not always so easy but it’s important, so important to find that fit inside you; to find what you believe in, what excites you and what you like to do. Be a change maker for yourself and you just may Rise Above in your own personal – or even global world!

I found myself in a situation where I inherited a major business. As an art teacher, I had no formal business training and nobody to show me the way. I realized I was most comfortable as a teacher, watching and helping people learn. I taught and continue to teach youth about anti-bullying, literacy and obesity. I use the power of comic books to tell stories about social issues that face today’s youth. Literacy and confidence often come hand in hand. My bracelets are worn by many of these hands. My bracelets are soothing and grey in color – like ME and my grey hair. The quote was going to be in orange, which is synonomous with cheerfulness and the famous iconic Archie character from the 1970’s. After attending a movie premiere at Harvard for the movie ‘Bullies’ I chose to put my quote in black.

In 2012, Silberkleit created Rise Above Social Issues Foundation INC. to address challenging issues such as bullying, obesity, literacy. The Foundation is developing a series of educational comic books that focus on these issues and encourage literacy and confidence so that youth can become positive influences on their peers. She shares her words of inspiration with today’s youth: “Never let anyone define who they want you to be. You know who you are, be pro-active in your life”. Her bracelets and rings will be available for sale the Foundation website.


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