I find it comforting in a time of turmoil, or unfair nastiness or at times when I am being sold a bill of goods that look sinfully delicious, that sponge toasty soft cake with that creamy gooshy filling but underneath it all, buried deep inside that TWINKIE is something out right wrong, bad and INTENTIONALLY disguising the bad, in hopes that I WILL TAKE A BITE!

I LOVE MY TWINKIE MOMENTS. I find it is powerful and poignant!… I become quiet , cross my arms and simply say theatrically “I DO NOT EAT TWINKIES ” and simply walk out… I have been known to immediately send a box of TWINKIES WITH MY SIGNATURE ON IT SAYING COME BACK AFTER ALL ARE EATEN!

I do believe in healthy eating but  I see the TWINKIE useful in  making  a good point!



‘Rise Above’ Comic Tells Students to ‘Rise Above’ bullying

Nancy Silberkleit Co-CEO of Archie Comics, created the ‘Rise Above’ comic as a tool for teachers and students. The goal is for the comic to be used in schools to help students learn what they can do about bullying. The comic was unveiled in Bullitt County, Kentucky, just hours after it rolled off the printing press.

Kids love comics but this comic is not solely for entertainment. ‘Rise Above’ demonstrates to students that words and actions CAN hurt. It’s a story about a young girl who moves to a new town and finds herself being bullied.

“I just want to plant the seed that they have it in them to be the change-makers to stop this unacceptable behavior of bullying,” Silberkleit said, who handed out the first copies of the comic at Shepherdsville Elementary. WHS 11 NEWS was at the launch in Bullitt County. Watch more from 11 NEWS.

To learn more about the comic book, send an email to riseabovesocialissues@gmail.com.

Stan Goldberg “wows” me at Hampton’s Authors Night

Another successful year for the East Hampton’s Library Authors Night. The 2012 event was the biggest and most successful Authors Night so far with 130 authors and record number of attendees. I was proud to join Stan Goldberg and to be a part of this great night surrounded by stellar authors and many star studded appearances, from Alec Baldwin, Dr. Ruth and many more.

Discussion on how are comics created, inspires students to express themselves

I call my school visits an insight on how Comic books are created. It’s a quiet way to capture students attention. I use the Comic books as a platform to instill career awareness, promote the love of reading, inspire writing, character development, and how one can express one’s passions and messages.  Messages can be about any passion – like recycling and refusing of disposible plastics, obesity, bullying.

My talks are sparked by my passion for students to embrace reading, knowledge , confidence, creativity. I see the comic book as a powerful tool to stimulate and build today’s children into strong creative thinkers that are prepared to approach complex situations and make good choices. Every child is capable of becoming a Superman or Superwomen and making a powerful contribution to society.

What can you do to stop bullying?