Reducing. Reusing. Refusing plastic from our lives.

It’s time we sow the seeds for change through the power of visuals. The story “Bottle Battle” shows Archie Andrews sitting on a pile of plastic—a powerful visual in our Archie Comics. Readers will have a lot to think about when they think how they, too, are faced with the mounting issue of plastic.

I strongly feel visual communication is a language that can be embedded in one’s mind to help spark conversation. Graphics provoke one to expound on the story allowing thoughts and opinions to be internalized in a meaningful way. It’s time again for classrooms to read both “Bottle Battle” and the new release, “Getting Drastic with Plastic” written by Batton Lash. The story can be downloaded here. I am confident that through stories like these, we shall be successful in sparking conversation on the issues that face our environment.

Happy Earth Day.