Tribute to Stan Goldberg


Stan at Big Apple 2012

Stan at Big Apple 2012

Stan Lee vs Stan Goldberg

Stan Lee vs Stan Goldberg

Zam wham wow flowed through Stan Goldberg’s veins. Stan’s style went beyond artistic talent, and placed him in the elite category of what we refer to as graphic literacy. Throughout his long career, people around the world were entertained by the combination of rich graphics in service to a visual story that brought laughter, and managed to access deep emotion. Magical and forceful, his lines enhanced the spare text in ways that emotions such as surprise, sadness, passion were made visible, allowing the story to take on a deeper meaning. A reader exposed to such rich graphic art was able to internalize and experience the story in a way that only heightened the reading experience.
For me personally, I will always treasure my collaboration with Stan on one of his last comic book projects, Rise Above. Stan taught me that the story, which addressed young people and bullying, actually needed very little text. Stan had a unique ability to communicate and tell the story with the intensity of his graphics. Watching his hand manipulate the movement of that pencil on the page, and connect readers with the emotional realms of laughter, or sadness, or triumph, was thrilling to see.
Like a pencil on paper, Pauleen and Stan were always side by side. But many of Stan’s global fans didn’t know that. Fans only knew of the two other women in Stan’s heart: Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. Stan viewed Betty and Veronica distinctly; he truly loved them with all of his heart. That passion is what gave these beloved Archie characters such life!
If I could speak directly to him, I would say: Stan, what you gave to Archie Comics cannot be measured. It is a fact that the Stan Goldberg’s graphics are imprinted across the hearts of people around the world. Your rich graphics were the element that sparked people’s conversation, and through your art you pushed folks to connect and were one of the reasons for the brand ‘s longevity of seven decades. .The global fans that love and support the iconic Archie brand thank you in their many languages!

Stan is now with God, and you can bet my late husband Mike Silberkleit and business partner Richard Goldwater have been waiting to have a word with him. It will be business as usual up there.
I cannot post these thoughts here without recalling the sorrow that Stan felt after Mike and Richard were no longer at the Archie helm. Now they are together again. Stan Goldberg now has God’s ear. May God and his many angels surround Stanley Goldberg and his gentle loving soul.
We all will miss Stan…
Nancy Silberkleit


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