It’s Always The Right Time For Archie

As the co-CEO of Archie Comics I see our company’s products proudly displayed in bookstores throughout the entire world. I call it “Riverdale Cool.”
Archie comics became a global voice and presence, and it’s that image that defines the concept of the “COMIC BOOK,” which leads my mind back to the founders. I think about how 70 years ago two businessmen created a school, a town and a tight community with various disparate friendships, all by publishing millions of stories centered around a teenager with red hair, freckles and a friendship with two very different girls.
No matter where we stand on this planet, the Archie Comic stories welcomed us into the fantasy of Riverdale High School. These strong narratives developed characters with personalities that had translated globally, archetypal forms that could easily be utilized to identify such human behaviors; i.e. “You are such a Betty” or “You’re such a Jughead”, and everyone would know what that meant.
For Archie Andrews, though, I always say, there is only one Archie: it’s the Archie Andrews we can only know as we turn the pages in Archie Comics. The Archie business, and the mission to entertain quickly evolved into a deep personal connection to the brand and drew us more and more into the Archie fantasy world, allowing us to become emotionally invested in these characters and care about them. I call this phenomenon the “I ♥ Archie.”
For 7 decades, millions of Archie fantasy stories cultivated a deep passion for the brand and a resource for inspiration. While entertaining us, they were giving us a model of lessons around values, common to all.
Archie Comics became a business that expanded more than its founders ever expected to see, gained exposure in all cultures! As I travel and meet those cultures and hear how this brand has not only brought happiness and touched people’s lives but made a difference for them, it makes me extremely proud of my company and the Archie brand. There is something that transcends “right” about these stories, a universal experience of positive values and goodwill cultivated by Archie and his friends in the minds and hearts of a global set of people.
There were many smiles when Warner Brothers made the announcement of an Archie movie. Today, we are talking about a lot of popcorn! Jughead gives his thumbs up! I will now be able to ♥ Archie & Friends on the big screen…..
For me, yellow / blue M&M’s with only one Archie Orange M&M in the bag! How Sweet!