Nancy Silberkleit Raising Awarness for Anti-bullying

Seasoned anti-bullying and literacy advocate, Nancy Silberkleit, aims to raise awareness and stop the harm that bullying can cause.

As Co-CEO of Archie Comic Publications, Silberkleit, is using her experience and educational training to inspire self-confidence and strength in children of all ages. Working to create an inspired community, her initiatives are also furthering her philanthropic reach. In 2012, Silberkleit created Rise Above Social Issues Foundation to address challenging issues such as bullying, obesity, literacy. The Foundation is developing a series of educational comic books that focus on these issues and encourage literacy and confidence so that youth can become positive influences on their peers. She shares her words of inspiration with today’s youth: “Never let anyone define who they want you to be. You know who you are, be pro-active in your life”.

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