Archie’s Girls are getting a makeover

Now you don’t have to choose between Betty and Veronica. You can alternate each day with the new line of Archie’s Girls Cosmetics, being developed by MAC. Nancy Silberkleit, Co-CEO of Archie Comics and Founder of Rise Above Social Issues Foundation, aims to “celebrate the iconic beauty looks of Betty and Veronica.”

Betty and Veronica have their own distinct styles that will work well with MAC’s wide range of pigments. Pairing MAC with the “Zam”, “Wham”, “Pow” of the Archie Comic graphics will create a make-up line that will draw all of us – the Betty’s and Veronica’s of today – and help us build our own personal looks! Nancy Silberkleit says that a little of Veronica or Betty everyday will give her, her own distinct style with the heart-warming Archie stories and WOWs!! Or should I say smack!!!! Where is that cute red hair freckled face guy….. sigh

There were celebrations at San Diego Comic-Con to promote the upcoming venture. The make-up line will be available next spring with many interesting colors that could tie in to the infamous scratch-n-sniff business cards that Silberkleit hands out. I can’t wait…..