Global Voice For Peace

My words below were written a week ago for Rwanda news media after my visit there. I went on a literacy promotion and was so moved by the Rwandan people’s progress. I thought I would share the message again, in light of what has occurred in Boston.

The majority of humans who live on planet earth respect human life with all of our differences. We do not seek power but seek peace, respect, compassion, laughter, love, knowledge, friendship, beauty and health.
Those values and our desires unite us around the Globe. The mass of our young people, who are the fruit of life are upping their acts of kindness like they never have before; they embrace peace. Today’s young generation are global thinkers and explore their interests outside their communities purely to connect with all types of cultures and experiences to build one world.More than ever the majority needs to be vigilant and call out behaviors or acts in question before harm occurs.

Be it ethnic competition, economic level, religious beliefs, envy, or enragement, whatever the germ may be to carry out the mass killings of humans or even a single annihilation of a human life can be stopped by reversing the formula of Minority/Majority as Rwanda has. “Tensions between Rwandan the minority Tutsi, who had controlled power for centuries, and the majority Hutu peoples, who had come to power in the rebellion of 1959–62 erupted on April 6 1994. By mid-July over 500,000 people were killed according to a Human Rights Watch estimate, with the total death toll reaching possibly 1,000,000.But Rwandans rose from the ashes through belief in the country Rwanda could be… Would be. Women have taken their place in government and a new peace and safety graced the land. Their future is their faith.

With that, I ask all of you to harness and embrace the importance of life and to stand up with respect forhumanity. Let the people of today’s Rwanda be a model on how they as a country demonstrate forgiveness and respect, with inclusion for all of mankind and the commitment to speak out to stand strong against the horrific act of genocide. Rwanda is the voice of the century; walk with them as they mourn the crime against humanity that took place April 7, 1994. And all other lives lost to acts like yesterday’s in Boston.

Teach our young.

Before considering humanity, be Considerate of humans.